Middle East Peace Process

Mubarak Rent-a-Thugs

Mubarak Rent-a-Thugs

Mubarak Rent-a-Thugs!

Mubarak Rent-a-Thugs!

In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will go to Egypt and the Egyptians to Assyria. The Egyptians and Assyrians will worship together. In that day Israel will be the third, along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing on the earth. The LORD Almighty will bless them, saying, “Blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria my handiwork, and Israel my inheritance. — Isaiah 19:23-25

Mubarak knew beforehand that his refusal to leave was going to provoke upheaval in Egypt, where innocent/peaceful people are being hurt while I write these lines. His criminal plan is working. Shame on him. Shame on us who can do NOTHING to help the Egyptian people, except complaining here. I feel sad and powerless. — Paulo Coelho

There never was a Middle East Peace Process. There was a peace process imposed from outside to suit US-UK and their client state Israel. Once Mubarak has gone Israel will have no friends in the Middle East. They will be forced to engage in real dialogue with their neighbours, to form a real peace. Hopefully decent Israelis will be heard above the warmongers. Israel will be forced to stop its ethnic cleansing, end its occupation of Palestine, end its Siege of Gaza, allow the displaced back to their homes and land.

Over the last few days we have seen a lot of nonsense come out of Israel, now friendless that their puppet Mubarak is on his way out. We were told of the collapse of human rights, of the rise of Muslim fundamentalism, the loss of democracy. Garbage that was regurgitated by the US mainstream media.

We were told the Arab mindset does not understand democracy, that Islam and democracy were incompatible. The voices from Egypt over the last week and before that from Tunisia have shown this not to be true.

What we are seeing in Egypt is not the flawed and discredited representative democracy that the West tries to impose on the rest of the world, what we are seeing is participatory democracy. People are manning checkpoints, people are cleaning the streets picking up the rubbish, even recycling the rubbish. They are doing it with humour. Want to make a donation to the National Democratic Party? And in goes the trash.

Today we have seen violent thugs take to the streets of Egypt. This was not spontaneous, it had to be organised by the regime. For a week the protesters have engaged in peaceful protest. The only violence was from the regime. We are seeing a dying regime lashing out in its death throes. Mubarak Rent-a-Thugs!

The Mubarak Rent-a-Thugs were bussed in. Those captured had police ID cards. They had identical placards. The Mubarak Rent-a-Thugs were seeking out Al Jazeera journalists to attack. A CNN reporter was punched and beaten.

On state TV, pro-Mubarak scum gushed how they loved Mubarak. Off camera hand held out for promised pay off.

To stop further violence and bloodshed, Western leaders with one voice, have to privately and publicly tell Mubarak to go. They say they wish to see democracy and reform in the Middle East. Well show it by helping the people of the Middle East overthrow their repressive regimes. Let us see you back the people on the street who are are calling for freedom, dignity and democracy.

US-UK have followed the standard script. Back a dictator to the bitter end. When this position becomes untenable, throw to the wolves and quickly find a new puppet to take their place.

Across the Arab world, the people have to get off their knees and shed their chains and overthrow their repressive regimes.

In Jordan and Morocco there has to be real reform, not a reshuffling of the same corrupt deck of cards. People have to have jobs based on skill and merit, not because of who they know, not because they pay a bribe.

People of Iraq have to follow the example of their Egyptian brothers where Muslim and Christian, men and women, rich and poor, lawyer and peasant, are working together for peaceful change. They are not using violence, they are not killing people, they are not setting off bombs.

What a different place Iraq would be today if regime change had been brought about peacefully by the Iraqi people, not imposed by the illegal war waged by US-UK, led by war criminals George W Bush and Tony Blair. So-called Christians waging a Crusade that has led to the killing of Christians in Iraq and secetarian violence.

You could not make this one up. War criminal Tony Blair backs Mubarak!

There are some who see what is happening in Egypt in Biblical terms, and specifically refer to Isaiah 19. I do not. I do not see the Bibical disaster of Isaiah being heaped on Egypt. Far from it. I see hope. I see hope that flickered into life in Tunsisia and led to the Jasmine Revolution and Ben Ali fleeing Tunisia like a rat up a drainpipe and hopefully followed soon by Mubarak hard on his heals. [see Crisis of Hope]

Comparisons have been made with Eastern Europe and the fall of the Berlin Wall. There is one big difference. Barack Obama is no Mikhail Gorbachev.

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2 Responses to “Middle East Peace Process”

  1. Karolina O'Donoghue Says:

    Via Jeff Sharlet: “Kristoff in Cairo: “In my area of Tahrir, the thugs were armed with machetes, straight razors, clubs and stones. And they all had the same chants, the same slogans and the same hostility to journalists. They clearly had been organized and briefed. So the idea that this is some spontaneous outpouring of pro-Mubarak supporters… who happen to end up clashing with other side — that is preposterous.”

    • keithpp Says:

      The idea that anyone would stand up and say they support Mubarak unless they were part of the regime is preposterous. Those on the streets on Wednesday attacking peaceful protesters were organised, they were bussed in – Mubarak Rent-a-Thugs!

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