Keep your truncheon in your trousers

Protesters against undercover cops

Protesters against undercover cops

Scotland Yard Protest

Scotland Yard Protest

Women are not able to make an informed decision about who they are having a relationship with if they are being duped by police officers. It’s time for the abuse of women by undercover police officers to stop. — Sophie Stephen

Cops arriving for work at New Scotland Yard this morning found the main entrance blocked and instead had to queue around the block and go in through an unsecured side entrance.

The women were there to protest at the infiltration of activist groups by undercover police and what appears to be state sanctioned rape. They felt they had been violated by the state.

Sex in the absence of informed consent, is rape.

What in a democratic society are police doing infiltrating peaceful activist groups at a cost to the taxpayer running into millions of pounds? What are the police doing using sex as a means to blend in and for their own gratification?

The behaviour of the police in their use of female activists is little different than the use by the Japanese during WWII of Comfort Women.

There is an urgent need for a full judicial inquiry.

Tuesday the acting Met commissioner Tim Godwin and Commander Bob Broadhurst who is responsible for public order in London will have to appear before the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee to explain why they lied about undercover policing at the G20 protests in London in 2009.

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