Era – Divano

I listened to this played in an old colonial castle in Puerto de la Cruz on the north coast of Tenerife.

From the Era trilogy by Eric Levi.

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2 Responses to “Era – Divano”

  1. Dances With Crayons Says:

    This video is quite amazing, like a metaphor or vision.
    Enjoyed the music, Thankyou Keith xo

    • keithpp Says:

      I first came across the Era trilogy by Eric Levi through a lovely South African friend Estie, only she did not know at the time it was a trilogy. I have the trilogy, including the one album which has two versions. Later I was to pick up the Era DVD, which I thought was a concert, only when I came to play it did I find it was a collection of videos. Had I known this at the time I would not have got it as I tend not to like videos, but it was fortunate I did not know as the videos are very good.

      There is a lot of imagery in the music of the Cathars (also in Brida by Paulo Coelho). The imgery I could see in the music I then found was on the videos!

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