Hundreds of lollipop ladies to be fired

hundreds of lollipop ladies to be fired

hundreds of lollipop ladies to be fired

Not satisfied with scrapping Bookstart, not content with increasing student university tuition fees three fold and scrapping Education Maintenance Allowance for the poorest students, the latest slash and burn of public services is to fire hundreds of lollipop men and women who help kids safely across the road as they leave school.

At what cost in terms of maimed and killed school kids?

Every day in 2009, 12 children were killed or seriously injured on our roads.

Hundreds of lollipop ladies to be laid off

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5 Responses to “Hundreds of lollipop ladies to be fired”

  1. laineestreet Says:

    What? Do the officials permitting this understand that many times, the shoulders of these wonderful ladies are covered with the tears of youngsters who have been shoved out the door in the morning; or have been beaten up / harassed at school? Yes, they are there to prevent serious physical injuries, but please, think about the countless emotional injuries they help children to get through.

    • keithpp Says:

      The lollipop ladies and men will be poorest paid workers putting in 2-3 hours a day. I remember as a child they were always our ‘best’ friends. But primarily they are there to help children safely across busy roads.

  2. laineestreet Says:

    If the UK resembles the US.. Why am I not hearing about cuts in Sports? We can build huge arenas and put bucket loads of money toward new uniforms and reconditioning of fields….but definitely turn a blind eye when books, creative arts and safety are sliced.

  3. laineestreet Says:

    The “sports” I am talking about are within the governmental education system. The arts are slashed right and left, but please, let’s not have the football, basketball, baseball teams go without new uniforms and stadium enhancements each year. I just lost $3,500.00 in costumes thanks to a flood because the drain outside the door has been clogged for the last three years. We can add two massive score boards for the football arena and the baseball field, but we cannot fix a drain? I tried being smart by storing the costumes in huge rubber tub containers… one had a crack. Fifty percent of our Shakespearean costumes, all of our comedia del’arte and eighty percent of our Italian Renaissance costumes are gone because of mildew. We didn’t realize they were in trouble until we went down to get them out to see which ones we could “revamp” for our show “Tartuffe.”. 😦 Luckily we were just starting. We have switched gears and now we are going to do “Tartuffe” in a 60’s MOD style, (Austin Powers) which I have to say, has truly excited the students.

    Insurance will not cover it. My principal said he would help with some money during the rebuilding of costume process…which surprised me.

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