Purls of Wisdom

Purls of Wisdom – Jenny Lord

Purls of Wisdom – Jenny Lord

Once upon a time everyone used to knit. My grandmother was always knitting. As presents we received scarves, pullovers, jumpers, cardigans. She also used to bake, she was always making cakes.

Sadly no one in the family followed in her footsteps. I have to admit I have never in my life baked a cake. I can vaguely recall that as a child I did know how to knit.

The common excuse, and the same excuse is given for cooking, do not know how, do not have the time.

Why do people not have the time? Surely with all the labour saving devices people have time on their hands. My grandmother used to wash all the clothes by hand, Monday was wash day. She even used to polish the drain pipes and the front step, then there was all the brasses and silver that had to be polished every week. The heating was a coal fire, no central heating. I remember when we had gas lighting and the great excitement when electricity was being installed.

The reason why people have no time is because they spend hours everyday watching brain-dead moronic rubbish on TV, the opiate of the masses.

Don’t know how. There is no excuse for that either. Don’t know how to cook. No excuse with the excellent cookbooks by Jamie Oliver et al. Indeed the latest from Jamie Oliver is Jamie’s 30-minute Meals. Don’t know how to knit. Try Purls of Wisdom by Jenny Lord.

I met Jenny Lord at the Guildford Book Festival. She kindly signed a copy of Purls of Wisdom for my lovely friend Sian, who knits, or at least tries to knit. One Christmas solved.

I had no idea if Purls of Wisdom was worth buying, but talking to the ladies who were buying it they assured me it was very good. They also made the point no men attended the talk by Jenny Lord.

Flipping through Purls of Wisdom, I have to say I am impressed. Though the proof of the pudding is in the eating, in this case in the knitting.

The second half of the book patterns: A lovely fashionable hat that would look good on Sian, socks, scarves, a tea cosy, cushions, mitts, bracelets. Stunning photos. And if no pattern suits, she provides a list of knitting blogs!

The first half is how to. How to pick your needles, how to pick your yarn, how to substitute yarn, even how to unravel a jumper you have picked up cheap at a charity shop to recover the yarn. And of course how to knit. Lovely line drawings showing you how, with step by step instructions.

I always think of knitting needles as the clickety-click steel needles my grandmother used, but Jenny Lord recommends ones made of wood or bamboo, if you can afford them.

Signed copy. For my lovely friend Sian. Merry Christmas.

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