He needs your hand

llustration by Ken Crane

Master and disciple are walking through the deserts of Arabia. The Master uses each moment of the journey to teach his disciple about faith.

“Entrust your things to God,” he said. “Because He never abandons His children.”

When they camped down at night, the Master asked the disciple to tie the horses to a nearby rock.

The disciple went over to the rock, but then remembered what he had learned that afternoon. “The Master must be testing me. The truth is that I should entrust the horses to God.”

And he left the horses loose.

In the morning he discovered that the animals had run off. Indignant, he sought out the Master.

“You know nothing about God! Yesterday I learned that I should trust blindly in Providence, so I gave the horses to Him to guard, and the animals have disappeared!”

“God wanted to look after the horses,” answered the Master. “But at that moment he needed your hands to tie them up and you did not lend them to Him.”

Posted by Paulo Coelho on his blog.

There are many stories similar to this. One I can recall is that of a man clinging to the roof of his house surrounded by rising flood water. He prays to God for help. Various people turn up and he turns them away. He slips from the roof and drowns. He asks God why He did he not answer his prayers and come to his rescue. God replies by telling him did I not send people to your rescue, but did you not turn them away?

Like with Santiago in The Alchemist we have to learn how to listen to the Soul of the World, we have to learn how to read the signs God gives us.

We have free will. Our destiny is not determined by fate, though fate my provide us with many opportunities, if we have the courage to take them.

God gave us talents. It is sacrilege on our part if we do not use them.

Top story in PoeticHeart34 Daily (Saturday 16 April 2011).

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2 Responses to “He needs your hand”

  1. o5men6 Says:

    Dear Keith
    You might be interested in reading some of the notes I took from my trip from Pamplona to O Cerreibro.

    You have to go to the bottom to read the first chapter, i did not know how to do it.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Thank you Marie-Christine.

    You may be interested in


    And in particular

    The History of the Pilgrimage to Compostela
    Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela today

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