The rich have no more right to emit than the poor





Right now some very rich men and women are making bad choices, decisions that will impact on the poorest and most vulnerable in society. Education maintenance allowance – £30 a week to allow kids to finish school has been scrapped. A cap on housing benefits that will create a Kosovan style social cleansing for London. Over 21,000 disabled people will lose their independent living allowance.

Rich people make rubbish decisions too often.

In Chelsea 1 in 5 people drive a 4×4. 1 in every five cars is a 4×4. We can say that again. 1 in 5 are Chelsea Tractors.

These cars are selfish. They dominate the road, terrifying cyclists and pedestrians alike. Check out this article – Chelsea tractors are the most hated form of transport, emitting at least double the emissions of an equivalent Estate vehicle.

It’s not okay for the richest people in society to make choices that will have a rubbish impact on all of our futures. It’s not okay for a borough of London to be saturated by vehicles that were designed for the hard and inaccessible terrain. It is okay to tease these selfish folk. Congratulations to those who made this happen. 300 number plates were updated in Chelsea on 12th December 2010. Seen one on your travels? Wanna take part? Get in touch –

Overnight action by the Climate Rush License Plate Authority. Originally posted on their blog.

Well done for innovative direct action!

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7 Responses to “The rich have no more right to emit than the poor”

  1. mark Says:

    maybe we should all drive Honda Prius ?? They are claimed to be better on the enviroment ?? But take a look at how the batteries are produced !!! They are worse than ANY other vehicle on the road .Also take a look at how many land rovers are still on the road from day 1 of land rovers !!!!
    You sure wont see a crappy Prius on ou roads in 50yrs time .

    I will stick to driving my 2 Land Rovers (not at once , unless my wife is driving one ) And i will sure as hell be driving past every single so called low emmissions car that i see stuck in the snow !!!! :-))))

    • keithpp Says:

      You make a very valid point and it is to do with life cycle costs which are never, or rarely, considered. If we did, we would all have a Ferrari. When did you last see a Ferrari at a scrapyard?

      People do not consume miles or even wish to consume carbon. It is a lifestyle forced on them. People need to get to work, get to school, get the shops, get to church. THhs needs better planning so people are not forced to travel merely to fulfil their basic daily needs. We need affordable, reliable public transport. We need existing housing stock to be insulated. We need new housing stock to be of better build quality, to use passive solar heating, to use ground source heat pumps, to be net contributors to the grid. Sensible energy policies that use distributed renewals sources.

      That is not to say the pillocks who drive around in Chelsea Tractors should not be shamed off the road. And well done Climate Rush for a brilliant campaign!

      Soft Energy Paths
      Curitiba – Designing a sustainable city
      The Story of Stuff

    • Sam Jackson Says:

      Honda Prius? Are you completely uneducated? They’re made by Toyota.

  2. Ben Says:

    Could you just claify one point for me:

    Chelsea tractors are the most hated form of transport, emitting at least double the emissions of an equivalent Estate vehicle.

    You give a link to the act on CO2 Website, but I find very little there to suggest that 4×4’s produce double the CO2 as you suggest?

    • keithpp Says:

      It is not me who has cited the figures it is Climate Rush. But the point they are making is valid, we have tossers driving around in gas guzzling 4x4s in London emitting CO2.

  3. Simon Says:

    1.The greater majority of public dislike of 4×4’s is down to envy rather than genuine concern for the environment or understanding of their efficiency. [As was proved by the ‘tossers’ comment above]
    2. A BMW X5 3 litre diesel is so much cleaner than a 15 year old mid sized Ford saloon, for instance, so again, targetting this type of vehicle with this type of argument serves only to demonstrate the simple & ill informed nature of so called ‘climate change campaigners’.
    3. Hybrid cars generate greater levels of CO2 during production than any other vehicle on the road. And, worse still, we have yet to see the horrific effects at the end of their [probably very short] serviceable life.
    4. Your average 4×4 takes up no more room on the road or in a parking bay than your average family estate car. [These being basically what they are but a little taller], so they aren’t exactly ‘cluttering up London’.
    5. What exactly does any of this have to do with ‘the rich’..? I presume you would stop bankers getting bonuses as well. I bet you vote Labour…. or worse… Green….
    6. Climate Rush appear to be fairly typical of the militant protester who latch onto these sorts of causes and the very reason why change WON’T come, because they’re such an objectionable bunch of twats who alienate so many normal people. Frankly they can take their stick on number plates and ‘my opinion’s better than your opinion’ approach, stick it up their arses and hopefully drown in a sea of their own righteous indignation….
    7. I drive an Efficient Dynamics BMW 320D, it’s really very clean and economical. But all these morons who think that Prius’ [or heaven forbid, pubic transport] are the answer and prance around acting like planet saving heroes make me want to drive a massive 6 litre V8 American pick up truck around town… and over their hairy little feet….

    • keithpp Says:

      No it is not envy and such a comment is childish. Some people need a 4×4 and with that I have no problem. Where I do have a problem is with the tossers who drive around in massive 4x4s and people carriers, they drive them as though they are driving a tank. These gas-guzzling, CO2 emitting monsters have no place in a modern city and the people who drive them are selfish. They may be able to afford to act as a bunch of arrogant tossers, unfortunately the planet cannot.

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