Casualties of student fees protest

injured student

injured student

police dragg Jody McIntyre from his wheelchair

police dragg Jody McIntyre from his wheelchair

Much has been made by the mainstream media of the police casualties but little if anything of the casualties sustained by the protesters.

Yes, there were casualties sustained by the police and these should not be downplayed, but these were not the only casualties reported that day.

Yes, the car in which Prince Charles was travelling was attacked, but that seems to be more a case of the wrong person, in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Sky News was showing live footage of large numbers of police vehicles and riot police assembling in Oxford Street. Tweets from those there showed Topshop was being trashed. Thus it begs the question: Why was the car sent through? Either the police did not know, in which case incompetence. Or if they did know, it was deliberate to provoke an already inflamed situation.

According to the ambulance service, there were 44 injured protesters, but that count is only of those who were taken to hospital, 58 were treated or reported their injuries.

Jody McIntyre was dragged out of his wheelchair and beaten.

@pennyred (New Statesman journalist Laurie Penny) was tweeting an eye witness account as it happened!

They’re beating up a guy they just dragged out of a wheelchair! []

Wheelchair user Jody Macintyre dragged behind police lines, his brother screaming []

She also tweeted many other examples of police violence, kettling, being bruised and battered herself. She reported finding blood streaming down her face. Whose blood she does not know, only that it was not her blood. On arrival back at UCL she reported still being badly shaken up.

Speaking a week later on BBC Radio 4 The World Tonight news programme (13 December 2010) Jody McIntyre said that he was struck on his shoulder with a baton, then four police officers dragged him out of his wheelchair and dragged him a distance of about 100 metres. He said 45 minutes later, he spotted one of these four officers and was again dragged out of his wheelchair. He said that what happened to him was not an isolated case and referred to worse incidents for example Alfie Meadows. As Jody McIntyre pointed out, sitting in a wheelchair he could hardly be seen as a physical threat. Through his lawyer he will be filing a formal complaint.

The interview by Ben Brown on News Night of disabled protester Jody McIntyre plumbed new depths by the BBC. The whole tenor of the interview seemed to somehow suggest that the victim of the vicious assault by the police was in some way to blame for the assault. I have filed a complaint with the BBC and I would urge others to do the same.

A female had her collar bone broken when the police horse charged the crowd.

The worse case was that of Alfie Meadows. He was bashed on the head. His professor found him not long after wandering around dazed and confused. He negotiated his exit from the police kettle, but the police would not allow his professor to accompany him, even though he was seriously injured. The professor later regretted his decision not to have stood his ground. Fortunately Alfie was able to call his mother who found him on the street. They managed to get an ambulance, but when they got to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, they were refused admission, told only police casualties were being admitted. The ambulance man insisted that Alfie be admitted. Alfie was vomiting, an indication of how serious his condition was. He underwent a three hour operation on his brain. Were it not for the action of his mother and the persistence of the ambulance man, he probably would have died on the street or en route to hospital.

There are many many first-hand accounts of people being beaten by the police. Those who were not allowed to leave Parliament Square reported the police who would not let them out as at best abusive and unhelpful and at worst violent.

Sup Julia Pendry blatantly lied when she gave press conferences outside New Scotland Yard.

David Cameron has inflamed the situation by talking arrant nonsense.

We now have the Met trying to obtain two water cannon from Northern Ireland to use on future protests.

We need a Public Inquiry. Something clearly went wrong on the day. It started out as a peaceful day. People were partying on the street, it was a carnival atmosphere. Why then did a carnival and good spirits end in a riot? End with people being illegally detained in a kettle on Westminster Bridge?

We have to stop the lies being spread by mainstream media and our disgraceful political elite. The situation is being deliberately inflamed to justify an ever more draconian and violent clampdown.

We have the right to protest without fear of being attacked by the police.

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7 Responses to “Casualties of student fees protest”

  1. Peter Reynolds Says:

    It’s going to get worse:

    • keithpp Says:

      Yes, I fear that is a possibility. Which is why the political elite are demonizing those on the streets to justify the repressive measures they wish to bring in. It will go one of two ways, either the ConDem junta collapses or we have repression, mass arrests, martial law. We therefore have to take to the streets and ensure we win.

      They won the vote, we took the streets.

  2. Hoover Says:

    How do you know this gentleman didn’t break the law?

  3. o5men6 Says:

    They won the vote, but they are working for the people, they seem to forget that.

  4. john Says:

    Join the Bank Run, on Revenge Wednesday, 26 Jan 2011.

    Thousands of people across the UK will be attempting to hit the banks where it hurts, by starting a bank run. Everyone is welcome to take part and to encourage others to take part. This action is totally legal.

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    On Wednesday 26 January 2011, thousands of people in the UK will try to cause a bank run by withdrawing money from their bank accounts, in person, at high street bank branches.

    The hope is that the movement will snowball.

    Everyone is welcome. Just print out the form below, fill in your details, and take it to your bank, preferably around lunchtime, e.g. about 1pm. Even better, print out multiple copies and hand them round. Use email, Twitter, Facebook too.

    When the first bank branch says it won’t pay out people’s money, let everyone know, using every means possible. Take photos. Use mobile phones, send tweets, get the journalists in on the picture. This movement is decentralised. It is what you and we make it.

    Note that this idea was tried last December, after being suggested by Eric Cantona. Unfortunately it didn’t go very far, mainly because the organisers asked people to “sign up” online. We’re not asking you to sign up to anything. In particular, you do NOT have to give any personal details to anyone. The form below is just for giving to your BANK.

    If you can only afford to withdraw 10 pounds, please do it. If you can afford to withdraw thousands of pounds, do that too. EVERY LITTLE HELPS. Banks cannot withstand everyone withdrawing even a tenth of what they’ve got in the bank. LET’S SEND THESE PARASITES A MESSAGE THEY’LL NEVER FORGET. It’s an open secret that they’re holding the country to ransom. Let’s kick ’em where it hurts.

    This is the financial system’s MAJOR WEAK SPOT. That’s why the Dutch government is considering making it illegal to call for a bank run. Because they’re SCARED. In 2009 there was a bank run against a Dutch bank. This was considered to be a particularly unpleasant bank, which had been encouraging millions od Dutch people to get into debt who couldn’t afford it. People did a run against it, and it went bankrupt. How sad.

    In Britain, you’d be hard pushed to name a bank which DIDN’T try to get people into massive debt they can’t really afford.

    Here’s the bottom line: THE BANKS HAVE GOT IT COMING TO THEM.

    So please take part. Spread the news. Distribute this leaflet. Print your own. Just do a little bit to help, and we’ll be strong and we’ll blast the damn banks like they’ve never been blasted before.

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    Please spread this news by any means possible.

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