Julian Assange Protest

The guy in this video was the subject of one of the cables released by Wikileaks. Please listen to what he has to say and read what he has written on Indymedia UK.

Today hackers took out the Mastercard website for blocking payments to Wikileaks.

Aslo see

PlowsharesActivist SolidaritySpeaksOut@Court as AssangeJailed

Anonymous Mastercard attack ‘hits payments’

Hackers take down Mastercard site after wikileaks donations are banned

Is there any difference between China and USA?

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4 Responses to “Julian Assange Protest”

  1. Susan Says:

    Hi Keith,
    Do you know that TODAY is the day that John Lennon was killed ?
    Let us remember people like him, all he stood for, conveyed and
    Yoko continues to do…
    Salut Susan

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