No Way Through

This chilling film shows what it would be like if London was occupied. An everyday occurrence for the people of Palestine under illegal Israeli occupation.

It could not though happen in the UK could it? Well it actually did, in Northern Ireland.

I was in Northern Ireland in the late 1970s at the height of the Hunger Strikes, Bobby Sands had just died in prison and Northern Ireland was a powder keg.

I remember seeing army patrols in the streets and being stopped at an army checkpoint. The driver gingerly wound down his window until it was half way down. The soldier rested his semi-automatic weapon on the window, barrel pointing at the chest of the driver, safety catch off, finger on the trigger, whilst the driver very slowly drew out his ID from an inside pocket. I was the only English person wandering the streets. The entire experience of my time there was very surreal.

John Pilger in Freedom Next Time describes what it is like to live under Israeli occupation. His film Palestine is Still the Issue generated huge amounts of hate mail from a Zionist hate organisation in the States. The Zionists forced an independent investigation into his film which showed that all what he had recorded was true.

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