Christmas Tree Festival at St Mark’s

Christmas tree festival at St Mark's

Christmas tree festival at St Mark's

I did not know I was going to a Christmas Tree Festival, I thought I was going to a Christmas Fayre, you know what I mean, stalls, Christmas Cards, mince pies and tea. I did not even know what a Christmas Tree Festival was. I am still not sure.

As I headed towards the church hall I saw that the lights were on in the church. Maybe that is where it is I thought, looked in the church hall and my suspicions were confirmed when I saw what appeared to be a yoga class, definitely not a Christmas Fayre. I headed over to the church, pushed open the door and it took my breath away.

The church was packed. Stalls everywhere. A choir singing. Christmas trees everywhere. And something I had never seen, the church lit up inside at night. St Mark’s is red brick Victorian, from the outside not worth a second glance, but inside, yes, well worth visiting.

I said hello to the vicar, then sorry I must dash, got to go home to get my camera. I ran home and back, probably not a wise thing to do, as below freezing, but luckily it had been very dry for a few days and therefore not icy underfoot, at least not under my feet.

To think I almost did not go. I was thinking why have a Christmas Fayre in the evening when it is cold and no one wants to venture out, why not have it in the daytime when less cold. But I could see why it was at night, and yes, people did venture out. My only regret not going on time and not taking my camera. By the time I got back people were already leaving and I just caught the tail end of the choir.

My other regret was that my lovely friend Sian was not there.

I have never come across a Christmas Tree Festival before. This is a four day event. The market on Friday night, Saturday night Jazz-funk night with the church turned into a nightclub including a bar (yes, you did not misread), Sunday afternoon a Christingle Service with candles, then afternoon tea on Monday.

I would have loved to have gone to the Jazz-funk night with my lovely friend Sian but sadly she has not been well. Maybe she will be up to it. Going on my own without her is no fun.

And yes there was tea and mince pies. And there was mulled wine, but I did not get around to either. I was too busy chatting to people.

I talked to several people about the sale of Israeli so-called Peace Oil on sale in St Mary’s Church in Guildford. All agreed it was a scandal. [see Peace oil or taking the piss?]

The money raised from the Christmas Tree Festival will go to the repair fund as the roof is leaking.

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One Response to “Christmas Tree Festival at St Mark’s”

  1. Lainee Says:

    We have a Christmas Festival in our town here in the USA… Our festival is called, “Christmas Tree Lane.” At the “Lane” are all kinds of decorative Christmas Trees and displays..including a live nativity in front of the community center…On the stage at the community center are various choirs, dance, and performing groups. We also have a light parade in our town with all kinds of creative floats and vehicles decorated with lights. It’s one of the biggest light parades in the west US. I am happy to live where I do…as I am sure that you are too… 🙂


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