The Middle East problem explained!

This video has to be seen for no other reason than it is so laughable. But on a more serious note, too many people believe this type of garbage, they read it every day. Like the brave Israeli soldiers had to kill civilians on a food convoy. That they attacked a ship on the High Seas and those on the ship were defending themselves somehow ignored.

This ‘quick’ explanation of the Israel-Palestine conflict has to be the biggest load of bollocks I have ever seen. Watch Dennis Prager’s short seemingly rational ‘explanation’ then be astounded at the crap that pours forth.

To understand the State of Israel, a state that is unique in that it is the state of all the Jewish people no matter where they live, but not the state of all its people, one has to go back to the principles of its Zionist founders.

It was August 1897 in the Swiss city of Basle a meeting of Zionists took place. What they agreed was to lead to the founding of Israel in 1948 in what was then Palestine under British control.

The idea of a Jewish state was the the brainchild of Theodor Herzl, who wrote in his diary:

At Basle I founded the Jewish State. If I said this aloud today, I would be answered by universal laughter. In five years perhaps, and certainly in fifty years, everyone will perceive this.

Lines were drawn on a map, somewhat churlish of those who lived there on the wrong side of the line not to agree.

That Palestinians lived in the land on which the Zionists had their eyes was of no consequence, their promised land, those who were there now were to be driven out by terror. Arabs were slaughtered in cold blood in their villages, half the population fled, and contrary to International Law, never to be allowed to return. Those who remained were placed under martial law and subject to curfew, travel restrictions.

Zoning laws made many of the Arab settlements illegal, and thus could not be officially recognised. Land that had an absentee owner was confiscated by the state, to be used for Jewish settlement. By these means land was acquired, the State of Israel established.

But this was to be only the beginning. The Zionists saw the current borders as for the first 20-30 years. Israel was to expand until it occupied all of the Promised Land.

The Six Day War gave the opportunity to expand into the West Bank and Gaza. Gaza has since been handed back but the West Bank is still under military rule. Illegal settlements have taken the best land in the West Bank, the settlements and their roads have fragmented the West Bank. East Jerusalem ahs expanded into the West Bank almost cutting it in two.

It is a very old myth the surrounding countries do not recognise the right of Israel to exist. They recognise that right within the pre-1967 borders. Another myth is that Israel wants peace but others reject it. The Palestinians want peace, the right to peaceful coexistence.

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