Sindyanna of Galilee – fair trade for a fair society

Sindyanna of Galilee is one of three fair trade groups that supplies olive oil for Peace Oil (USA not UK). The excellent videos gives you an idea of what this group has achieved in Israel Palestine. Sindyanna provides a framework for cooperation between the Arab and Jewish communities in Northern Israel, improving life for both peoples.

Sindyanna of Galilee is a fair trade organization active in the Arab-Palestinian community in Israel, marketing quality olive oil, olive oil soap, za’atar, woven palm baskets and more.

Established in 1996, Sindyanna of Galilee is a registered non-profit organization. Led by women striving for a social change, it operates in the Arab population in the Galilee region, northern Israel, and seeks to help growers and producers from the Palestinian Occupied Territories. Furthermore, Sindyanna combines commercial activity with work in the community, thereby enhancing Arab women’s empowerment while developing the olive industry. Our focal points stress values such as land preservation, environmental considerations, and commerce on the principle of fair trade.

Sindyanna symbolizes a unique cooperation between Arabs and Jews, striving to strengthen the economy of the Arab-Palestinian population, both in Israel and in the Occupied Territories. Sindyanna is not only a means of helping farmers and growers from the South, but also a way of showing that a solution to the Middle East conflict starts at opening real economic opportunities.

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