Student occupation of Millbank Tower Tory HQ



spot the tiny rogue minority

spot the tiny rogue minority

It was claimed it was a tiny minority. It was not.

When I look at the video footage I see wave after wave of students pushing the police back into Millbank Tower and then they flood in. Those outside were cheering them on.

Yes some windows were broken, a bonfire was lit of the students own sticks and banners.

Yes, the throwing of a fire extinguisher from the roof was wrong. It was lucky no one below was killed.

But what of the broken lives that the attacks on the poor are causing? It is not only the welfare cuts. We have a package of measures aimed at attacking and demonising the unemployed. I hear shoddy reporting by the BBC, will these measures get the unemployed back to work? The simply answer is no because there are no jobs to go to. What will get the unemployed back to work is jobs to go to.

Where is the Big Society? Where is the open discussion about the cuts if we are all in this together? I see attacks on the sick and poor and unemployed, but I do not see or hear them being asked what they want, what help they need.

Nothing is achieved without direct action. Nothing will change until those in power are hit where it hurts.

It was claimed it was the work of Class Warfare or Hard Core Anarchists. It was not. It lacked all the hallmarks, they do not place themselves in a position where they can easily be identified or arrested.

What we saw on the day that 50,000 student marched in protest at government cuts was release of pent up anger at the scale of the cuts. The comments by the NUS leader were pathetic. Looking for a safe party seat are we?

We are not in the dire financial state as claimed. Neither the country nor the government is facing imminent bankruptcy.

Yes, we have a Budget Deficit, and yes it must be reduced, but at a pace the economy can handle.

What we are seeing is slash and burn of public services and welfare. The cuts are not fair and no we are not in it together. The cuts are disproportionately hitting the poor not the rich. The only Class Warfare that is being waged is by the government against the poor.

£7 billion cut from welfare, the poor, the disabled pay the price.

Vodafone let off a £6 billion unpaid tax bill.

We can all do the sums. And we do not like the result.

Occupation of Vodafone shops across the country, occupation of Tory HQ at Millbank Tower. This is just the beginning of the opposition to the unwelcome and unpopular cuts. UK Uncut are planning a mass day of action against cuts on 4 December 2010. This coincides with a mass rally and march on Parliament on Climate Change.

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One Response to “Student occupation of Millbank Tower Tory HQ”

  1. 1whowasthere Says:

    I’m afraid you have got large tracts of your writing on this wrong, if you based it on those videos and second hand random knowledge you’ve gleaned off the net.

    You also might want to look at what information is being released 6 days before the #ukuncut 04/12/10 action to know why they need that chunk of time to rally.

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