Overnight more Christians killed in Iraq

The attacks on Christians are continuing. More Christians and their homes were attacked last night and some were killed. “Will the Christian world stand with us or will we be left on our own?” Is what the Christians are saying. I said all my friends are with you. They say “we know your people are with us and support us but they are the only ones”, they say. — Canon Andrew White

Last night, little more than a week after the massacre at a Catholic Church in Baghdad, Christians have been targeted in a coordinated mortar and bomb atack, their homes destroyed, at least three killed (some reports say as many as six killed).

Occupying forces have a moral and legal duty to respect the laws of the country they occupy, safeguard its citizens, restore the country to normalcy before they leave. The Coalition has singularly failed in its duties. Iraq has descended into anarchy.

War criminals Bush and Blair have profited from their illegal war, they have no regrets. It is the people of Iraq who have paid the price, especially the minorities.

Why are the Churches so silent? It is not only on Iraq. They are also silent on Occupied Palestine. Their deafening silence is to condone atrocities. Worse still we have churches that have on sale Israeli so-called Peace Oil when they could and should be selling fairtrade Palestinian olive oil. [see Peace Oil or taking the piss?]

People of faith may pray. They should never forget that God gave them free will. You do not have to remain silent, you do not have to sit back and do nothing other than wring your hands in sorrow. On Judgement Day when the sheep are separated from the goats, how will they answer Jesus when he asks them: What did you do for the people of Iraq when they cried out for help?

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Rebuilding the world

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