War Is Too Easy

If politicians had to fight the wars
they would find another way.

Peace is not easy, they say.
But it is war that is too easy –

too easy to turn a profit, too easy
to believe there is no choice,

too easy to sacrifice
someone else’s children.

Someday it will not be this way.
someday we will teach our children

that they must not kill,
that they must have the courage

to live peace, to stand firmly
for justice, to say no to war.

Until we teach our children peace,
each generation will have its wars.

Will find its own ways
to believe in them.

— David Krieger

Yes, war is too easy. It could be any war, but what comes to my mind is the illegal war on Iraq pressed by war criminals Bush and Blair riding to war on a pack of lies and jingoism.

Who has benefited from the illegal war on Iraq? Well not the Iraqi people, and even less the Christian minority. But the global corporations who rode the coattails of the war machine as it ravaged Iraq have done very well out of raping and pillaging Iraq.

David Krieger is a founder of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, and has served as president of the Foundation since 1982. Under his leadership the Foundation has initiated many innovative and important projects for building peace, strengthening international law and abolishing nuclear weapons. Dr. Krieger has lectured throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia on issues of peace, security, international law, and the abolition of nuclear weapons. He is the author and editor of many books on peace, including a recent book of peace poetry, Today Is Not a Good Day for War.

I first came across David Krieger when I found his beautiful poem The children of Iraq have names, reproduced by Canon Andrew White in his moving book Suffer the Children.

Canon Andrew White is vicar of St George’s Church in Baghdad and president of FRRME.

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