Fragrance of the heart

fragrance of the heart

fragrance of the heart

I behold with these eyes
the softness of beauty
I yearn to touch
the fragrance
of the heart
which has been torn away
from me.
A ghost
with wonder
how you rest before me
torn away from your own earthen bed,
how long must it be before you wither and fade?
I behold with these eyes
the vibrancy that still catches with the light
beyond this shadow
I long to caress
with wonder
if only I could
plant you within this heart
to retain your precious life
and grant back to me
the gentle tones,
growing in strength
of substance
to my being.

— April Higney

A few days ago I was sent by Juan Carlos Hernandez the poem Passion within written by April Higney to illustrate one of his photos. It was strange as I had not heard of either of them before and Passion within came unbidden out of the blue and yet it captured my mood at the time.

So struck was I that not only did I post Passion within on this blog, I wrote of the incident itself. Synchronicity was becoming the norm. [see Communication with the Soul of the World]

Today I was at Mind Body Spirit hosted by Eden People at Holy Trinity Church in Guildford. I was discussing what had happened, on my way home I find April Higney has sent me Fragrance of the heart, another poem she has written to illustrate a picture by Juan Carlos Hernandez.

For more of the poetry of April Higney, please visit her blog Betweenhearts75.

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One Response to “Fragrance of the heart”

  1. Susan Says:


    Oh heart, friend to my soul,
    alien to all that is not pure,
    how can I save and protect
    you from myself, from all that
    destroys and upsets you ?
    By setting you free from me,
    healing you with love and light. Susan, 06-11-2010

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