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mind body spirit

mind body spirit



It was pleasing to see Holy Trinity Church in Guildford used to host Mind Body Spirit by Eden People. The church looked different and it was a while before I realised why, it was the sense of space with all the seating removed. Visit Lincoln Cathedral and you get this amazing sense of space as you look into the cathedral from the main doors.

Around Holy Trinity were various activities and stalls – prayer, Katrina with her Ruach Cards, Jesus Cards, massage, healing, dream interpretation, stalls selling trinkets, information stalls, in the corner tea and snacks.

I was pleased to be able to pick up prayer and mediation cards. I want to carry out an experiment. I had wished to launch it some time ago, but I lacked sufficient cards and what I had written got wiped out. The gist is this. Often I see claimed the power of prayer, but never any references. What I wish to try is people pick one of the prayer and meditation cards and carry out what it says. Then report back, the effect on them, the effect on those around them. If enough people participate will we achieve a critical mass? I do not know, which is why I wish to try.

Holy Trinity is rarely open, therefore to find Holy Trinity open was in itself a blessing. We live in a society where sadly churches are locked.

I discussed with a few people the scandal of so-called Peace Oil on sale at St Mary’s, the sister church of Holy Trinity. I had hoped there would be someone from Holy Trinity around but apparently not. The church is aware of the issues surrounding this oil, but the deafening silence would appear to condone its sale on church premises. If you wish to help Palestinians, then please buy Zaytoun fairtrade olive oil that is on sale in Guildford at Food for Thought and from the Fairtrade stall at the farmers market. Some churches also have fairtrade Palestinian olive oil. Holy Trinity is one such church, which begs the question why did they not have it on sale at Mind Body Spirit? If you wish to help Middle East peace then please make a donation to FRRME. [see Peace Oil or taking the piss?]

I discussed with one lady who had two marvellous characters on her stall the strange examples of synchronicity I had been experiencing all week, starting with being sent out of the blue by Juan Carlos Hernandez the poem Passion within written by April Higney to illustrate one of his photos. It was strange as I had not heard of either of them before and Passion within came unbidden out of the blue and yet it captured my mood at the time. I was so struck that I wrote of what was happening. On my way home from Mind Body Spirit April Higney sent me Fragrance of the heart, again inspired by Juan Carlos Hernandez. [see Communication with the Soul of the World]

I wished to take a picture of the lovely characters on the stall and wished the rather unattractive tacky mirror in the background out of the way. It leapt to the floor and smashed to pieces. Sorry about that. I suggested a mirror in a lovely old wooden frame wood be more appropriate to the stall.

The characters were part of a series but these were the only two left.

I would have liked to have had a chat with Katrina but such was the demand for her reading of Ruach Cards that all we could manage was a hug and an exchange of a few words.

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