Communication with the Soul of the World

In The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho calls it communication with the Soul of the World. Santiago learns to read the signs. I often refer to it as synchronicity. Deepak Chopra would call it crossing the transition zone. Professor Adel Sharif would probably refer to it as communication from God.

Monday I found I had been sent by Juan Carlos Hernandez a poem by April Higney called Passion within. Nothing remarkable about that you may think, until I tell you I had heard of neither of them before. The poem came unexpected out of the blue.

Oh well, so what you get a poem, we get scam e-mails from Nigeria.

Except. Except the poem summed up better than I could the mood I was feeling that day. The poem was inspired by a photo of a woman taken by Juan Carlos Hernandez. She was very special to him and that was last picture he had taken of her. Earlier that day I had dropped of for a lovely friend Sian the last pictures I had taken of her. I had not seen her for some weeks as she has been very poorly and I was feeling very miserable.

The following day I was in Guildford for their farmers market. As I was in Guildford, Professor Adel Sharif asked would I drop by the university and have a chat with him, the previous week having attended his excellent talk The Role of Science and Faith in the Development of Civilisations. We were talking of faith and social enterprises. I mentioned Grameen Bank and Professor Muhammad Yunus founder of Grameen Bank. Adel Sharif said he had met him.

That night I got home to find a message from Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho telling me that he and professor Muhammad Yunus would be jointly addressing a conference on innovation in social enterprise.

After our meeting, Professor Adel Sharif kindly dropped me off at Guildford Station for me to catch my train home. As I walked through the station there was my friend Margaret who I had not seen for a while. I have just been talking about you she said. I have just been at a meeting on Santiago de Compestella and recommended reading what you had written on El Camino de Santiago.

When the birthday of St James falls on a Sunday it is a Holy or Jubilee Year. They have big celebrations in Santiago de Compostella. This was Jubilee Year and was no exception. Christina (wife of Paulo) had an art exhibition outside the cathedral to which I was invited (though at the time of the invite I did not realise where it was). Paulo was there for the celebration and on the night of the celebration he sent out a message to all his friends, followers on twitter, facebook (now exceeds 3 million) etc that they must read what I had written!

The History of the Pilgrimage to Compostela
Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela today

El Camino de Santiago is a medieval pilgrims route that all Christians had to follow, cf Muslims to Mecca. At its height maybe a million pilgrims a year. It had dwindled down to a few hundred until Paulo Coelho walked the route in the 1980s and wrote an account, The Pilgrimage.

These occurrences of sychronicity now happen so often it has become the norm. How do I explain? I don’t. I do not even try. I just accept.

For my lovely friend Sian.

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2 Responses to “Communication with the Soul of the World”

  1. Susan Says:

    Thank you Keith and indeed ‘synchrodestiny’….read Chopra’s book on that plus many others, etc.etc. When I read the beautiful poem, I too was
    feeling low. It was my birthday and I had received many cards and messages full of love and good wishes. I felt so lonely home-alone and none of those dear friends close-by. One I miss very much died of a heart-attack a couple of years ago and the poem brought tears to my eyes as did all the mail…….so touching.
    Have taken good notice of the sites mentioned. I feel rather lost and isolated in this area and don’t like the house I am living in. Feel ‘stuck’ and don’t (yet) know what to do, where to go for a more enhancing, in-
    spiring life. Anyway, part of my road and there are always solutions for
    every ‘dilemma’. Have a good day, Love Susan

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