Late October day in Brighton


Late in more than one sense. It was late October, but I was also late getting there.

The previous day I had decided to go down to Brighton as the weather forecast was good and no rail works, offering a window of opportunity for a day out in Brighton before the clocks turned back and winter arrived. But Saturday night I was tired, it was forecast to be cold on Sunday, so instead of an early night that I knew I needed, I did not get to bed until the early hours of the morning.

I awoke Sunday in time to get down to Brighton, but I was so tired and dead to the world that getting up did not seem a very favourable proposition. A couple of hours later, seeing how sunny it was, I thought to myself this is stupid, to waste a lovely day at home, so I set off to Brighton far too late for it to be a realistic proposition. Train went via Hove due to rail works, thus instead of arriving at midday, I did not arrive until 2-30 in the afternoon.

I would have liked to have gone straight down to the seafront, but by the time I had popped into see Hakan in Grocer and Grain, it was down to North Laine to eat at a late lunch at Iydea.

I had some excellent soup in Grocer and Grain which I am sorry to say I cannot remember what it was other than it was something and tomato, but I took a picture. It was very good so hopefully I will get the recipe to share.

I would have liked to have gone down to the seafront, but by now half the afternoon had gone, so I went direct to Iydea for lunch. It would have been nice to have eaten outside, but too late to catch the sun so I had to eat inside. I cannot remember what I had, but it was as always very tasty. I finished off with a flapjack. It had something poured on it, maybe honey, plus some seeds, very nice.

From a quirky bookshop I picked up an interesting book, Using the Plot by Paul Merrett, which I enjoyed reading on my way home.

Looking in Infinity Foods I saw they had won the local food awards for best food store. Well done I told them as yes they deserve it, but adding that I had not voted for them but for Grocer and Grain as it would have been nice if Grocer and Grain as a little corner shop had won.

By the time I got down to the seafront it was late afternoon. There was sill some warmth left in the sun but it was not long before it set.

I enjoyed watching the sun set behind the derelict West Pier.

I had a chat with the guy with the bookstall. He said it had been pleasantly warm earlier.

I walked back along the seafront and along Brighton Pier. Not many people about, cold and dark.

Last time I was in Brighton I was able to watch a sliver of a new moon rising on the horizon. From the pier I could see the full moon rising over Brighton, reflections of the lights and the moon in the sea.

Then walk up to the station and catch the train home.

As always I missed my lovely friend Iva who I used to meet in Brighton when she lived in England. I called her whilst I was watching the sun go down, but walking along the seafront and towards the end of the pier I missed her.

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