Lord, Which Direction should I take in Life???

There was this young lady who went into the forest because she had heard that if she spent two nights in the middle of the forest she would then get the answer from God on which direction she should take in her life.

After almost one day of walking she finally reached the middle of the forest. She sat with excitement in her heart that she would finally get the answer that she had been waiting on for years.

Which direction she should take in her life?

After spending two days in the middle of the forest she gathered her small belongings excited to get back into town and Officially START HER LIFE IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

While packing she realized she lost the small purse where she kept her compass and map. She searched the area where she had been camping, but it was no where to be found.

She sat for many hours thinking about which way she had come into the forest, but could not remember.

As the sun started to set she started praying to God to show her and let her remember which way to get out of the forest. When night time started to set in and she had not heard one word for God she started to become frightened by the sounds of wild animals, and the thought of not finding her way out, and dying in the middle of the forest all alone.

The next morning it started lightening and pouring down raining and she sat in her tent and yelled out to God to please help her remember the way out of the forest.She remained it the tent the entire day praying as the rain continued until midnight.

Two more days passed and the girl remained in the middle of the forest praying and wishing that someone would come and search for her, or she would remember how to get out of the forest, but she had told anyone of her plans to go to the middle of the forest so the chances of someone going to the forest to find her was slim to none.

Finally after spending almost 7 days in the middle of the forest the girl knelt on her knees and started to pray to God to help her remember the way out of the forest, in the middle of her pleading to God she heard a loud noise outside of her tent. She stopped praying and sat quietly to listen if someone was outside of her tent. She then heard a small voice telling her to walk when as soon as the sun appeared. She looked outside her tent to see if that small voice was coming from outside, but there was no one to be seen and she was too afraid to walk into the dark.

That morning the girl packed up her tent and belongings and started to walk. Within 7 hours of walking she heard music. She followed the music and found a small spiritual group that was having a retreat.

As she sat down and talked to one of the retreat leaders about her experience the leader responded . “Sometimes you have to take the first few steps then God will help you take the rest”.

From a facebook note by Marie Charisma.

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2 Responses to “Lord, Which Direction should I take in Life???”

  1. Vimbai Says:

    I am in the similar situation,;the thing is im 18 and im at that point where i need to know what career profession i want, but at the moment i have no idea what i want to do. Have you any other ways of communicating with GOD wthout having to go into the forest please ??? lol

  2. Bright Light Warrior Nika Says:

    Thank you Keith!

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