BBC political corespondent Nick Robinson loses it


But appalling behaviour by BBC political correspondent Nick Robinson. He has sank very low in my estimation. Couldn’t agree more with the comment from the wings: Shame on you, you should be ashamed of yourself mate.

It is the poor who are facing the brunt of cuts in public spending. The poor and the environment. Cuts we are told are fair.

It is not often an article on this blog is featured in the press, but the following day under the headline Oi! You’ve been Nicked! was Nick Robinson making a fool of himself on the front page of the Metro, a London freebie paper, with further coverage inside. [see
Nick Robinson loses temper during live BBC broadcast]

The response from Nick Robinson that he could not see anything to be ashamed off, only serves to emphasise the arrogance of the man.

If nothing else Nick Robinson had acted in a highly unprofessional manner. Something he was forced to address on his blog. But all he does is once again emphasise is own appalling arrogance. [see Last night’s Six O’Clock News]

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