Paulo Coelho hits 3,000,000 friends on Facebook

___________11:01 PM 19 October 2010 (Madrid Time Zone)___________

___________11:01 PM 19 October 2010 (Madrid Time Zone)___________

When I posted this reprint from an article by Paulo Coelho on his blog, the figure stood at 3,015,448. — Keith

First of all, thank you very much for your strong support here. I am glad that the social communities (Twitter, this blog and Facebook) have allowed me to have a direct contact with you. Writing used to be a solitary work, but now we can communicate directly to each other.

Reaching a mark (in this case, 3.000.000) it is also a reason to celebrate (we did that for 1 million and 2 million). In our case, true warriors of the light, celebration implies in thinking about the current state of the world.
Therefore, I invite you to say a silent prayer this Thursday, 21th of October 2010, at 6:00 PM (your local time). As there are friends from different time zones, at each hour a group will be praying, and this energy of love will spread all over during 24 hr.

I will divide my prayer in three stages:
a] I will pray for myself. I will pray that God continues to protect and inspire me, to keep me on the right track, and to do my best in every action I take.
b] I will pray for my friends on Twitter, Facebook, blog, and my personal friends. Asking God to protect them, and to show them the path to fulfill their dreams.
c] I will pray for the world.
This is my prayer. You may choose whether to follow the same steps or to do something else. But bless, and you will be blessed.

Many of my friends (either in social communities or people that I meet on a regular basis) don’t believe in God. Nevertheless, they are great, committed, and enthusiastic. If you fit this category, and you would like to celebrate our 3.000.000 community, please do some random act of kindness this Thursday. There are always people around us who need a world of encouragement, a phone call, or even a small contribution of money. If you feel comfortable, do it.

Thank you again, all my love

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One Response to “Paulo Coelho hits 3,000,000 friends on Facebook”

  1. Susan Says:

    Let us EACH DAY in our thoughts bless people, known and unknown,
    ‘look’ into their hearts, ‘see’ the soul of their being, listen with empathy
    and compassion and without judgement, reach out to and receive from,
    be gentle, generous and granting, live constantly in a ‘state of love’ and
    in awe of ALL.
    God bless you all, Salut Susan.

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