Suffragette-defaced penny

Suffragette-defaced penny

Suffragette-defaced penny

Following Black Friday when Suffragettes were attacked and sexually assaulted by the police, they took direct action to force votes for women. It came as a shock to polite society to see genteel respectable women taking part in criminal acts.

One such criminal act was to debase the currency of the Crown. This was an act of genius as it put their message into common circulation.

Climate Rush are the modern-day successors to the Suffragettes.

Synchronicity: I was at a meeting with Climate Rush where the Suffragettes were discussed. Two days later I walk into my house, turn on the radio and it is a programme about the Suffragettes!

Ongoing today

The Crude Awakening – Central London – Saturday 16 October 2010

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Suffragette-defaced penny

Suffragette-defaced penny

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