An October day in Brighton

I left the house at 10 am in the morning on Sunday 10 October 2010. A very auspicious start to the day.

I was on my way to Brighton. It was dull and hazy but I had faith the sun would come out. And it did, it was a lovely sunny day all day. Along the coast in the Solent it was 22.5 degrees Centigrade, the top temperature of the day. Warm for almost mid-October. It was probably not far off that in Brighton.

And there were no rail works! The train to Brighton was packed. Many others must have had the same idea as me.

It was a little too early to see the autumn colours. The trees were just starting to turn.

On arrival at Brighton Station I felt sad as I used to be met by my lovely Czech friend Iva when she was in England. She would meet me at the station and we would spend the day together in Brighton.

I popped into Grocer and Grain and had a chat with Hakan. I enjoyed his tomato and celery soup, with a kick from added Turkish herbs. Hopefully a recipe soon. Outside lovely flowers for sale.

From Grocer and Grain I walked down to and then along the seafront. Even though there was a breeze blowing, it was surprisingly hot on the seafront.

I would have walked along Brighton Pier, but it was just too crowded to be enjoyable.

Outside the pier lots of bikes and bikers standing around looking like Paulo Coelho clones. Or is it the other way around, Paulo Coelho looks like a biker?

Excellent lunch outside Iydea. And thanks to Charlotte, who asked if she could join me, for her excellent company and conversation.

Earlier outside Infinity Foods I was given a couple of pumpkin seeds. I popped back to Infinity Foods after eating at Iydea as I wanted to buy some excellent Whydark* dark chocolate from Chocolate Organiko.

A saunter along the seafront to watch the sun setting behind the derelict old West Pier.

By the time I had walked up to Taj the Grocer, back along the seafront to the pier and along the pier, it was time to set off back home.

Walking along the seafront after the sun had set, a sliver of a new moon was rising above the horizon.

A lovely day out. My only regret my lovely friend Sian was not with me as she would enjoy Brighton but she is sadly very poorly. Also too would my lovely friend Iva have loved a day out in Brighton.

10-10-10 A quirk of dates. Nothing special were it not for the fact that the charismatic leader of a Jewish sect had his birthday arbitrarily set to a pagan festival.

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