Chinese Dissident Liu Xiaobo Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

For once the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to a worthy recipient.

The award last year to Barack Obama was a sick joke. For what, was the question most people asked. It made ridicule of the Nobel Peace Prize. Almost as bad as awarding the US Liberty Medal to Tony Blair.

China is a brutal regime. They carry out brutal repression of dissidents both within China and Chinese occupied Tibet. The West turns a blind eye whilst China continues to supply the West with cheap goods.

Last year I had the honour of meeting Ma Jian one of the student leaders who survived Tiananmen Square massacre. The memory of which has been wiped from the Chinese collective consciousness. I am only sorry to say I have still not read his book, Beijing Coma, a copy of which he kindly gave me.

Chinese Dissident Liu Xiaobo is another survivor from the Tiananmen Square massacre. He has continued to speak out which is why he is now in a Chinese prison.

The Nobel committee made clear in its announcement of the award that by giving it to Liu, currently serving an 11-year sentence on subversion charges, it intended to highlight human rights problems and political repression in China.

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