The Alchemist Himself

The Alchemist Himself

The Alchemist Himself

“BBC Radio4, what a pity that the podcast of my interview today will be online for only one week.” — Paulo Coelho

I was about to leave the house, my finger was poised to turn off the radio (and it was only on for a couple of minutes for top of the hour news) when I heard that Paulo Coelho was on in half an hour. [ see iplayer]

My lovely friend Sian was not well. I had sent her flowers to wish her well, and within seconds of my hearing Paulo Coelho was on in half an hour she had sent me a lovely message thanking me for the flowers. I was to reply to say it was the least I could do, let her know Paulo Coelho was on BBC Radio 4. I then checked my messages and found that whilst I was writing to her Paulo Coelho had sent me a message to let me know he was on the radio within 20 minutes.

I let my lovely Latvian friend Liudmila know who just happened to be in Egypt. It was her birthday the day before. For her birthday I had a copy of My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk. The reason I was on my way out the house was I was on my way to a book club discussion on My Name is Red. Well I thought I was. I got the right day, but wrong week. It was the previous week, but apparently went down quite well.

My lovely Russian friend Alissa had recommended to me My Name is Red. We were at the the time discussing The Alchemist. My first contact with Paulo Coelho was a lovely girl from either Lithuania or Latvia who was completely engrossed in The Zahir and she recommended I read Paulo Coelho.

The previous day I was at a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. A fund raising event for Professional Carers Benevolent Fund (they raised over £150). Myself and one of the girls there was talking about El Camino de Santiago and Paulo Coelho walking the route which led to The Pilgrimage and The Alchemist.

The programme was a excellent. I found it a very moving account of the life of Paulo Coelho, interspersed with beautiful readings of The Alchemist and the thoughts of readers on The Alchemist, one of who much to my surprise was my friend Elaine from who I had just read a message that morning.

But why no publicity from the BBC for this excellent programme and why is it only being held on-line for 6 days?

Please BBC repeat the programme again and again and can we please have a reading of The Alchemist by the man who read the selected passages?

The Alchemist has sold 42 million copies. It has almost been three years in the New York Times best seller list. Paulo Coelho this month exceeded over a million individual visitors to his blog!

Synchronicity: meaningful coincidences, coincidences that are so improbable that they cannot be explained by chance alone.

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13 Responses to “The Alchemist Himself”

  1. Lainee Says:

    …loved reading this blog. What an excellent day for all of us. It seems that Paulo Coelho and synchronicity definitely go hand in hand.

    When I had recovered from my, death/near-death experience and was waiting in the Salt Lake City International Airport for the first of two flights to China to visit the Great Wall, which was one of my all time dreams, a French teacher and a group of her students were waiting for their plane also. The French teacher got her students’ attention and then held up “The Alchemist” and queried, “Have any of you ever read this book?” She went on to describe her experience with the book…

    Paulo is God’s messenger and the synchronicity we all experience when we are truly aware is proof. 🙂

    While listening to the teacher, I just smiled, knowing that the Universe was going to reward me every single step of my trek through China. I sat back, let the love fill my soul, tears flood my eyes and I thanked God for allowing me more time to explore this sensational world that was created for us to come to and learn how to fully love ALL. Then I grabbed my carry-on, left the teacher and her “anxious” students, and boarded my plane and my dream.

    • keithpp Says:

      Thanks Jane.

    • Dances With Crayons Says:

      Still hearing this program!!!!!!!!! Right now in my mind!!!!!!!!!
      Enjoyed your story and what you have written here, and the entire conversation.
      “Paulo is God’s messenger and the synchronicity we all experience when we are truly aware is proof.”

      Dearest Keith and Lainee,
      About 18 months ago, Paulo announced that he would do a live chat with readers, to answer questions about his work.
      So I went to the Blog to sign in and only got so far…the connection was there but server was overloaded so the chat could not proceed. WELL, I stayed for several minutes (30 or so), felt such loving, positive energy. And later wrote there at Paulo’s Blog, wondering if anyone else felt this too.
      Next time was at Melk, then Vienna (night before I left for Hungary)…after that, in Twitter a few months ago, with Melk friends. Thankyou for patience, thankyou. Because trying to find the words but ??
      Now, the energy began a few days ago. Manifested through Paulo’s Blog, to Facebook.
      Is love and light! Not just a little, but strong, very strong. Makes my body tingle, even the dead area of my right leg. Now, my head is better (from when I fell a couple of weeks ago).

      And Keith and Lainee, ….. yesterday was John and Cuscra’s birthday. I sent a text message to my son early evening, to say ‘Noroc’ (cheers to Florica) and he sent one back immediately. They were, at that very moment, just raising a toast to John for his birthday.

      Anyway, dear god, thankyou. For my friends. Too beautiful for words.

      LOVE LOVE LOVE to you both,
      Jane xoxo

      • Lainee Says:

        Jane and Keith,

        Wow! All of this beautiful love floating around the globe forming a bright and shining web connecting the Warriors of Light. I so love you two also and the glorious opportunity to be a part of this. Thank you for being.


      • Lainee Says:


        I do hope you quickly heal. So sorry for not mentioning that above. God bless you with a strong and healthy being.

        Love and warm light to you,

  2. keithpp Says:

    I have written to the BBC to question why such an excellent programme is to only be held on-line for one week! —>

    • Dances With Crayons Says:

      Grateful! xoxo

    • Dances With Crayons Says:

      Ditto, sorry, forgot to mention.
      Thinking about areas where internet is not readily available or sporatic or sometimes, people are traveling and away from access.
      With the Blog stats climbing, new readers will enjoy having a listen as well!!
      Love, Jane xo

  3. Dances With Crayons Says:

    Oh…sorry, cuscra – a Romanian term to identify family relationships.
    Son’s wife is from Maramures. Her mother is my cuscra, and her father is my cuscru. Together, they are cuscri.
    Florica (cuscra) is visiting with my family in Canada for another 2 months.
    And today, tennis is broadcasting from Bucharest!!

    Noroc!!! More Love and Gratitude to you and the whole universe!
    Jane xoxoxoxo

  4. keithpp Says:

    It needs people to e-mail BBC and question why such an excellent programme is only on-line for one week? Secondary questions to ask are why the lack of publicity, why no repeats?

    The e-mail address I have given is a general e-mail, there may be better. —>

    All of which raises: Is it possible to acquire, download, copy, this broadcast before it vanishes?

    • Jane Stewart Says:

      Wrote again Keith! Noticed other needs as well. One reader is unable to hear, and therefore needs captions (or a friend to sit along side to sign while watching the video). So addressed that also.
      Cheers for your day ahead xo

  5. keithpp Says:

    Little did I know, that several months later, I would be in Istanbul, as an invited guest of Paulo Coelho for his St Joseph’s Day party.

    There I met both Jane and Elaine, and on different days we visited the Spice Market.

    I took for both Jane and Elaine copies of My Name Is Red by Orhan Pamuk. To my surprise, Elaine had with her a copy of My Name is Red as she was discussing it with her students. The copy I had earmarked for Elaine I gave to Paulo Coelho. At his press conference held earlier in the day, Paulo Coelho mentioned Orhan Pamuk.

    It is only now, looking back some months later, I see to my surprise My Name is Red gets mentioned here!

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