Art inspired by God

‘I started to draw at the age of four. Nobody taught me how to paint. I just felt this energy coming through me. And I had to show it to everybody in the world.’ — Akiane

Where does art come from?

We learn in The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho that alchemists learn how to read the signs, learn to communicate with the Soul of the World, that the universe conspires to give us what we desire.

Hildegard von Bingen said she was ‘a feather on the breath of God’.

Dasha Balashova and Detelina Petkova were inspired in their art by God.

It was in conversation with God that Katrina Moss designed and developed her system of Ruach Cards.

Akiane Kramarik is an amazing self-taught artist. She says she receives what she paints in visions from God. Akiane started drawing at age four, painting at six, and writing poetry at seven.

Is it only saints, mystics, prophets and artist who are able to cross the transition zone?

For my lovely friend Sian.

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4 Responses to “Art inspired by God”

  1. Lainee Says:

    Loving this!!!

    Answer to your question: We are all inspired by God. Some of us, through events in our lives and through gifts we are given from God, are able to make the transition into his realm easier. The key is living life in such a way that the pathway into that realm stays open – but that will take another blog to explain Gotta go — I’m on my lunch half hour…. later… Love to you, Keith 🙂

  2. Priya Sher Says:

    wow – really amazing!

  3. Lainee Says:

    Now that I have had a chance to view all of the videos, Akiane explains how to continue to have that connection open. — being in nature, praying, and being aware by listening and observing. It’s not easy with the chaotic world in which we live….it’s definitely something we all need to work on if we want divine guidance.

  4. Dances With Crayons Says:

    Thankyou for posting Keith. Cannot even tell you how much I appreciate. Crying just now, I don’t know why. Beautiful child.

    Enjoyed reading comments here too.

    I do not have your answer, only a question, an opinion and little story.
    How does god talk with you? Music? Do you hear a song when you are waking up? Dance? While using your hands? Writing? While in the presence of certain people, doing activities or during alone-ness? Specific scents, images, places, colors, objects, tastes, fabrics, or sounds? A combination of things? If one is unsure, or has forgotten, then perhaps it may help to indulge in many experiences in order to rediscover the personal bridge.

    Since all children are precious (and I do not believe that god makes junk), then why would it not be possible for everyone who desires, to cross the transition zone?

    Love Akiane’s brother’s work too

    Thanks again Keith <3.
    Love to All,
    Jane xo
    When unable to spend considerable time outdoors, feels like I am dying. Seem to be 'environmentally fussy', sensitive to noise at bedtime especially, because some overpowers the vibrations.
    Wrote about some of these 'oddities' to a friend a few days ago. Akiane's temperament reminds me of me, including doing work with eyes closed. The only 'piece of property' I ever fought for was a piece of clay, a sculpture done with eyes closed that was going to be destroyed. Wanted this preserved because it was something seen with my heart. I have brought this one piece of work around the world.

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