Oily Gaga

Outside the historic RBS branch at St Andrews Square in Edinburgh, Climate Campers perform “Oily Gaga” in protest over RBS’s dirty investments in Tar Sands projects. A protestor attempts to open a bank account but for some reason the branch is closed.

More film footage at Climate Camp TV.

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4 Responses to “Oily Gaga”

  1. Susan Says:

    I AM TOTALLY AWARE of ALL and and DO ALL POSSIBLE to ‘save’ our
    planet, etc. Talking about it, stating facts, discussing all on a so-called
    ‘intellectual’ or whatever ‘level’ will CHANGE nothing ! The ONLY way,
    in my perception/view, to contribute to the WHOLE is ACTION!!!
    So easy to sit behind our computers, sending messages into the world
    from our ‘cosy/secure/pampered/luxurious ‘fauteuilles’, homes, EXISTENCE….. etc. !!! How DO YOU LIVE ? If interested I shall tell you
    how I live !
    Quote Gandhi (in French) :
    Nous DEVONS ETRE le CHANGEMENT que nous VOULONS VOIR (= VIVRE, experience !) dans le monde, TRUE !!!
    Salut Susan

  2. Susan Says:

    Lovely video (demonstration) to help people BECOME AWARE of…..,
    so GOOD, YES !
    However…..I wonder (and allow myself to do so) how many, if any, of those
    demonstrators….and you ?…..(just a few examples ha-ha)

    * wash and do the washing-up in COLD water (I do)
    * use their washing-machine when ‘absolutely’ NECCESSARY (I do)
    * flush the toilet…..same ! (after pee put paper in bucket, I do)
    * cook ‘economiccally’ = do not use oven, cut vegetables in small
    pieces…takes less energy (I do)
    * shop only for ‘essentials’, don’t support the ‘material world’…..I realise
    at the same time that my way of living will put people out of work,
    TRUE !
    Difficult to ‘harmonise’ and ‘consider’ ALL, make the ‘right’ choices. I do my BEST and cannot do more !

    Said enough……Salut Susan

  3. Susan Says:


    Are you, PERSONALLY, interested in what others have to say, convey ?
    If SO, would ‘appreciate’ re-action…..isn’t that what COMMUNICATING
    is all about !?
    What is (otherwise) the point of your blog/site ???
    Look forward to re-action, but do not expect anything……we live in the
    ‘so-called’ age of communication ha-ha. My EXPERIENCE is that people
    in general communicate less and less, i.e. PERSONALLY, from one to
    another directly/physically. Versus ‘integrating’ we, collectively, separate
    ourselves from one-another, in many ways……no WONDER so many
    people feel LONELY in their existence, this ‘deranged’ REALITY !!!
    Ciao, be HAPPY, communicate and……Salut Susan

  4. keithpp Says:

    Those at Climate Camp were taking action, but I agree it is only through direct action we ever effect change.

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