Neurosurgery in Iraq by Rob Hindle

Neurosurgery in Iraq by Rob Hindle

Neurosurgery in Iraq by Rob Hindle

‘In Spain, the dead are more alive than the dead of any other country in the world.’ – Lorca

From the strange title or the cover illustration, it is not at all obvious what his slim volume is about. It is actually a collection of poetry, Neurosurgery in Iraq being the title of one of the poems. As I said, not at all obvious.

A strange eclectic mix, from Spain in the Civil War to the illegal War in Iraq.

A favourite My Father at the May Day Marches is very much Zen Haiku, though not strictly so. Valley of the Fallen Dogs is another favourite as is Mercenary Man Blues.

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2 Responses to “Neurosurgery in Iraq by Rob Hindle”

  1. Susan Says:

    Yes, Garcia Lorca knows what he is talking about ! LOVE his poetry.
    As for my personal per-/conception……of today’s, mainly Western
    reality…..I experience the majority of people as ‘dead inside’…..and that is visible on the outsiede, obviously, that’s logic.
    I miss the LIGHT in their eyes and the DANCE in their step. The way
    they carry their bodies (and their burdened hearts) shows SO MUCH
    of their cultural/social, etc. conditioning/programming. I do UNDERSTAND
    how/why people become as they become and have endless compassion
    for the ‘state’ they find themselves in on all levels. It renders me sad to
    see all I see.
    Book recommended, one of many by…..
    Author: Krishnamurti
    Title: Freedom from the Known (READ ha-ha, so worthwhile !)
    Passionately, Susan

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