The Jesus Prayer

the jesus prayer

the jesus prayer

Breath is a centring place of many spiritualities. It is central to all life and central to our spiritual life. The Jewish and Christian scriptures use the same words for the breath of life as for the creative Spirit of God. So as we breathe we inhale the rhythm of life, the Spirit of life and are part of the breath of creation.

The Jesus Prayer works with this rhythm and invites Jesus life into us to give blessing, mercy, new life, the divine breath in our breath. It also acknowledges our fragility and weakness, our need for transformation, wholeness, forgiveness and liberation.

There are four lines. Each line works with a breath in, or a breath out. We may begin this saying the words in our head or out loud, but in the end the intention is for the breath to sound the words, for it to be silent, yet held in our own breathing. The ancient Mystics so attuned the rhythm in their hearts that the very act of breathing became the dwelling within the prayer.

Say the first line as you breathe in, do it slowly and gently. The second as you breathe out in the same way. And in time the breaths become the prayers which no longer need speaking –

Jesus Christ
Son of God
Have Mercy
Upon Me

And so the flow of life flows with our life. The blessing of God at one with our need to be people of life, flowing with the breath of creation, life givers as we are receivers of life.

— dekhomai

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