Lunchtime Concert St Mary’s Church

Lunchtime Concert St Mary's Church

Lunchtime Concert St Mary's Church

A Lunchtime Concert at St Mary’s Church in Guildford. Mathew Rickard on piano and Michael Jeffries on flute. The concert was in aid of St Mary’s building fund.

Beautiful and haunting music from Bach, Handel, Mozart, Debussy, Faure.

An excellent concert. It was a pity it was not recorded with a simple cross-paired microphone.

St Mary's Church

St Mary's Church

St Mary’s is the oldest church in Guildford. The tower dates from around 1050 AD and is the town’s oldest pre-conquest building. Norman columns and arches dominate the interior. Somewhat unusual it is twinned with Holy Trinity Church at the top of the High Street. I thought this was our secular society, churches and parishes having to time share the same vicar, but I learnt this was not the case. When Charles Dodgson was involved with St Mary’s this arrangement existed. I spoke with the Curate who took the service and he told me that the parish had two churches and this arrangement had existed since at least 1699. As well as occasionally preaching at St Mary’s, the funeral of Charles Dodgson also took place in St Mary’s.

Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) occasionally preached at St Mary’s. He and his sisters lived at Chestnuts, a house only a few minutes walk from St Mary’s.

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