An Evening with Eden People

Katrina Moss discussing Ruach Cards

Katrina Moss discussing Ruach Cards

I was in Guildford for a lunchtime concert at St Mary’s and the farmers market. Therefore I decided I would visit Eden People who were meeting that evening.

I knew Eden People from Ambient Picnic and we had a long chat this summer when they showed me the Jesus Deck.

A very warm and welcoming atmosphere. Massage, reflexology, interesting conversation.

Towards the end of the evening I had a chat with Katrina Moss who has developed and designed Ruach Cards. I am looking forward to learning more the next time we meet.

I was tempted to drop in on John’s Jam at the Old Ford in North Camp on my way home, but I was feeling tired so I decided to give them a miss.

Also see

Eden People demonstrating use of Jesus Cards

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One Response to “An Evening with Eden People”

  1. Lainee Says:

    I have always thought that Jesus and reflexology went foot in foot..;-) Seriously, it makes so much sense. I’m going to go to your link Jesus Deck and check it out. Thanks for posting this.

    Love and warm light to you,

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