In the Forest



All she can do is smile, looking at his face. A smile so sweet, would melt the devils heart.

There they stand, out in the forest, dark and vast, with glimpses of the moonlight.

Misty, and magical is the night. She stands in a trance.

Entranced by his presence and power.

Poised in solitude and serenity, connecting to all the life around them, feeling the soul of the world. She backs into and leans against the tree with a sigh. He moves in closer without a moments waste. He leans in to her face and gives her a kiss, on the lips and backs away. Their faces lit by the moonlight, he smiles at her smiling face, sending her smile deeper and further.

She grabs his hands and pulls him in, kisses him and smiles again, he kisses her back with a smile. She presses him against her chest suddenly, ‘oh Magus, I want you, I want you so bad, take me, take me right now, right here, I want you’. He touches her lips in a passionate kiss, slowly. Caressing her soul he leans his hips into hers, taking her hands above her head against the tree and kisses her domineeringly. Pinned back and trapped, she surrenders, submits her body into his releasing herself to him, releasing her kiss, her body, her mind and her soul. He grinds against her turning her deep breaths into moans. she lifts her leg wraps it around him and pushes her body deeper into his, kissing moaning and rubbing herself on him. Oh, this is so good, she says in between kisses.

He lets go of her hands, touches her breasts caressing them slowly feeling her nipples poking through her blouse, and violently and with one jerk, he pulls and rips her blouse open. Breathless, she gasps for air. He looks at her breasts at her nipples, barely touching her skin, he runs his fingers on and around them. Her body quivers her moans become louder.

He grabs her breasts and leans in for a lick. She puts her hands around him, pulls him to her saying, ‘take me now i can’t wait any longer’ He pushes her back against the tree, puts one hand on her heart, and runs the other one slowly down her neck and her breast over her nipple down her stomach, he kisses her stomach, pulls her skirt and panties off dropping them to the ground.

He runs his hands up her legs, inside her thighs, opening them apart. She moans in ecstatic pleasure while he’s looking at between her legs. He runs his tongue up her clitoris, her moans echo through the forest. He teases it and plays with it as a wolf begins to howl.

He smells her, becoming more and more excited, attacking her pussy with his mouth like a wild beast feasting, his violent noises paralyzes her in disbelief and fear. He pushes up, unzips his pants, takes her hands up against the tree again, and with a violent and forceful push thrusts himself inside of her. He bangs her against the tree, waits a moment, looks at her, and bangs her again, and again, and again and again getting a little faster with every blow as she looses a little more of herself with every stroke.

He fucks her with a hard passion, she spreads her legs wider so he can fuck her deeper and harder rubbing on her clitoris getting her closer to orgasm. She is in complete submission, submitted to him completely, her animal instinct coming through. As she’s about to come she makes violent loud noises with him. They fuck like two animals getting faster and faster and wilder and louder and louder until their savage screams scare even the wildest creatures of the forest. They come together, shooting his cum wetting her insides, she comes dripping all over him.

From a facebook note by Carolena Sabah, inspired by Brida by Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho.

Carolena Sabah starred as Athena in The Witch of Portobello based on the book of the same name by Paulo Coelho.

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