Tesseract Crop Circle in Wiltshire

Tesseract Crop Circle in Fosbury in Wiltshire.

Amazing new 4D Crop Circle 17th July 2010 at Fosbury, Wiltshire, UK. It shows a Tesseract or 4 Dimensional cube, i.e a cube within a cube. A Tesseract relates to a cube as a cube relates to a square. Every corner of the Tesseract or larger cube is connected to the smaller cube inside. Also referred to as a Hypercube.

There were a lot of crop circles in England in the 1970s, then they kind of disappeared, now they seem to be back. Or did they never disappear, we just never heard of them?

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One Response to “Tesseract Crop Circle in Wiltshire”

  1. Lainee Says:

    Ever since I read Madeline L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time” series, I have been fascinated with the Tesseract–time travel — and all… That’s why I thought that this crop circle was worth posting.

    L’Engle states, “Religion and science? One and the same. I don’t have any trouble with it. A lot of people do. They have to put one here and one there. And I think they’re much more like that, each one informing the other.”

    I am of the belief that the more man learns about science the closer he gets to God. 🙂

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