Tema musical inspirado en el libro de Paulo Coelho “Aleph”, compuesto por Anahi y Mario Sandoval, interpretado por Anahi y serĂ¡ incluido en el Deluxe Edition de Mi Delirio.

Music inspired by O Aleph the latest novel from Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho (currently only in Portuguese).

I was pleased to see after posting on my blog this lovely song, Paulo Coelho did the same on his blog, Anahi canta O Aleph.

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One Response to “Aleph”

  1. danceswithcrayons Says:

    Can’t wait!! Something to look forward to for 2011. Very exciting!!
    BEAUTIFUL song : )
    Funny, can also feel a leaf gently floating along a river, like oil, at the same time.
    The journey.

    Love, Jane

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