Seeking Silence

Seeking Silence

Seeking Silence

Seeking Silence

Seeking Silence

Journey through the door of stillness,
And enter your silence a while.
Enter that space of restful quiet.
Your inner land of peaceful surrender.
That place where only two questions remain.

(Those greatest of prayers)

God, who are you?
And God, who am I?

When Jesus met a woman being accused of adultery, he bent down and wrote in the sand. In the moment of silence that followed the accusers gave up their anger and their judgements and went away. Through silent reflection we can give up the discord in our hearts and discover God’s peace.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Turn your phone off and sit comfortably. Close your eyes.

Now you’ve shut off the noise of the world, notice the noise in your head. The person you met earlier. The itch in your foot. Your frustrations. Your worries. Notice them, for they are important to you, but put them aside. Your task is to still your thoughts, and find a place inside that’s still and silent.

When you find that place, you are at one with the world, and with the consciousness of the God who created you. What will you hear?

Then, after a few seconds or a few minutes, you lose that place and return to the noise. How has the experience of silence changed you? What will you take from that peace back into the world?

Practise seeking silence. Next time, try to stay there a little longer.

When you have finished, meditate on this prayer;

God of silence, God of peace,
still my mind and help me find you
show me how to love your world.

— dekhomai

One of several cards picked up from Eden People at Celebrating Surrey Festival.

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One Response to “Seeking Silence”

  1. danceswithcrayons Says:

    This was fun, fun, FUN. Thankyou!

    Soul of the World
    The language without words.
    Still, life. Peace.
    Yet life is never still.

    Imagine, Love, Jane : )

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