Mike Dawes and Amy Turk at the Farnham Carnival

One of the highlights of the Farnham Carnival was Mike Dawes and Amy Turk, Mike Dawes on acoustic guitar and Amy Turk on concert harp.

My friend Sian and I had seen Mike Dawes and Amy Turk perform earlier in the month at the West End Centre in nearby Aldershot and were looking forward to seeing them again. And yes, it was worth the trip to Farnham. Basically the set was the same as at the West End Centre, only shorter. It was a pity they only played for half an hour as they went down very well with a very appreciative audience.

We had a chat afterwards and I picked up signed copies of their limited edition album Reflections.

Mike Dawes and Amy Turk will be performing at Talking Heads in Southampton on 6 July 201) and the Phoenix Arts Centre on 8 July 2010.

Note: Two of their gigs next month, Alton College in Alton (9 July 2010) and Fahrenheit 55 in Guildford (28 July 2010), have been cancelled.

Farnham Carnival is an annual event on the last Saturday of June. The theme this year was fashion through the ages.

Farnham is a small market town in Surrey at the start of the North Downs Way, roughly half way between London and Winchester.

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Mike Dawes and Amy Turk at Farnham Carnival

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One Response to “Mike Dawes and Amy Turk at the Farnham Carnival”

  1. danceswithcrayons Says:

    Oh Keith, what a beautiful day, thankyou for sharing!!!!!! (the music is enchanting) (going to add to share on Twitter and add to YouTube playlist!!) Sometimes, hear something I could listen to all day, and this is it.

    Love, Jane : )

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