Melencolia I

Melencolia I by Albrecht Dürer

Melencolia I by Albrecht Dürer

An engraving on laid paper by Albrecht Dürer.

Melencolia I depicts Man’s struggle to comprehend the Ancient Mysteries. It is replete with symbols, many of which we have yet to interpret. The level of symbolism is such that it makes Leonardo da Vinci appear overt in comparison.

Melencolia I, completed in 1514, is considered to be the seminal work of the Northern European Renaissance.

One of the symbols hidden within Melencolia I is a magic square. Contained within the magic square is the number 1514, the year in which the work was completed.

Melencolia I is part of the Rosenwald Collection in the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.

Albrecht Dürer was the ultimate Renaissance Man – artist, philosopher, alchemist.

Melencolia I is part of the plot of The Lost Symbol (2009) by Dan Brown.

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One Response to “Melencolia I”

  1. Dances With Crayons Says:

    That’s all he needed! Triangles! Like the pyramids.

    I saw this in The Alchemist story. In Paulo’s book!
    Thinking now about Melchizedek (really loved him!) Also, father, son, Holy Spirit.

    Love, Jane xo

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