Goldline route 1

goldline route 1

goldline route 1

Goldline route 1 bus route runs through the Blackwater valley from Aldershot via Farnborough to Camberley.

It is a local bus route. Unlike most local bus routes which meander around the houses and seem to take forever, goldline route 1 is direct. The buses run every ten minutes, until evening when it is every half an hour. Sunday is something of a pain as buses are at half hour intervals with a two hour gap between and do not run all the way. Something the bus company Stagecoach needs to address.

The buses are low loaders, enabling buggies and wheelchairs easy access. The seats are sculptured, hand-stitched Italian leather.

Downside is that the fares are a little too pricey (though great if you have a free bus pass) and the drivers do not seem to have a clue how to drive. Instead of approaching a bus stop at a gentle deceleration, they suddenly stop, catapulting passengers out of their seats and if you are on your feet ready to alight from the bus it is necessary to grab one of the handrails, that is if you do not wish to be thrown out through the front window of the bus. Nor are they much better at pulling away from a stop when passengers have boarded, failing to give passengers time to settle in their seats before accelerating away.

Goldline route 1 is popular. Even in the evening the buses are regularly used.

This is how a bus service should be. It is where bus services were in Europe more than 30 years ago.

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