“The beautiful Synchronicity of the day: In the dormitory, I had the pleasant surprise to find a book in English, and only one, put there for the reading, that a pilgrim left: Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist.” — Adventurers

At least two groups of people are now known to have set off on the Quest of the Sword, the real-life adventure devised by Paulo Coelho.

We leave with little savings. And moreover I shall not say to you how much. But quite as in a famous television program, we shall strike at random doors in order to find lodging house at the inhabitants.

We thus are in Saint Jean, where we passed the door of the pilgrims, under a pouring rain. I was happy there, because I began to have enough to nose about maps and books, because contrary to what I thought, the enigmas are not as well simple as they seemed to. And we did not find everything. But it doesn’t much matter: what counts, as many people say: it is the road.

The quest involves solving an enigma, visiting locations on the route and gathering information that you have been there.

Synchronicity: One group of adventurers found a copy of The Alchemist at their first overnight stop!


Quest of the Sword

Santiago’s Dream


A path with a heart

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One Response to “Queste”

  1. danceswithcrayons Says:

    Hi Keith…enjoying reading about synchronicity! Yesterday was amazing in terms of words, faith, even laptop. Love these beautiful experiences.

    Tonight, a friend that I call my ‘twin’ called. We share the same birthdate, same year, day, same city, hospital (I am just over an hour older). Our mothers did not know each other. But she moved away from that city, to another, at age 5. We met again at age 15, when my family moved to where she was living. Very different personalities, but what are the odds that we would meet and share the same birthday?

    Now, my twin called just when I opened up and decided to catch up on email (too far behind, and really not a good organizer!!). The note about your post, includes synchronicity.

    For me, important to be calm, then, gentle reminders everywhere. Sometimes I see beautiful gardens; had written about it last night. Then, watched a video in YouTube… Like the Flowing River. Just days prior, decided that I want to read that book!

    Life is so much fun! Thank you Keith : )

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