Fear holds us and binds us and keeps us from growing. It kills a small piece of us each day. It holds us to what we know and keeps us from what’s possible, and it is our worst enemy. Fear doesn’t announce itself; it’s disguised, and it’s subtle. It’s choosing the safe course; most of us feel we have “rational” reasons to avoid taking risks. The brave man is not the one without fear, but the one who does what he must despite being afraid. To succeed, you must be willing to risk total failure; you must learn this. Then you will succeed.

— George Bernard Shaw

@santiagosdream posted these thoughts on fear on a blog as he embarked on the Quest for the Sword, an adventure devised by Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho.

Quest for the Sword: Lying less than a kilometre from the Greenwich meridian was a sword. Only someone worthy of the quest was worthy of the sword.

Why Santiago’s dream? In The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Santiago was a Andalusian shepherd boy who conquered his fears to follow his dreams. He saw it as the start of a great new adventure.

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