God is

‘Since 1989, when I did my second pilgrimage, I discovered the feminine face of God. But for most religions, God is a man.’ — Paulo Coelho

On his blog Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho invited a discussion of the feminine face of God.


God is. God is neither male nor female. We attempt to know the unknowable, think the unthinkable, make finite what is infinite.

A cell consists of the component parts, these make the cell, the cell provides the environment for the component parts. Our bodies consists of many systems, these systems maintain the body, the body defines their existence. An ecosystem is made up of its various parts, the ecosystem provides the environment for their existence. Gaia, the living systems, the geophysical processes, maintain and stabilise the environment suitable for life on earth.

Christianity has had difficulty understanding this relationship.


God did not create creation, God is creation. Our thoughts, the consciousness of everything around us, is God.

Ancient religions tend towards the feminine. The Temple of Aphrodite on the Greek island of Cyprus.


The Hymn to Isis venerates the female.


Jesus had a feminine side, or what we attribute as feminine characteristics. One of his key disciples was Mary Magdalene. When the men deserted him, the women remained at his side.

When Detelina Petkova gave us the Warrior of Light, the warrior was neither male nor female.


How we view a religion and thus God is through the norms of society, religion then fossilises those norms. The authoritarian, rigid male hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. The abuse of women by fundamentalist Islam.

The feminine side of religion, of a Mother God, are themes Paulo Coelho explores in Brida, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept and The Witch of Portobello and during conversations he had with Juan Arias.


To portray a feminine side, is to readdress 2,000 years of prejudice and bigotry, but it is not what God is. God is.

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  1. THELMA Says:

    Thank you Keith for mentioning CYPRUS!!
    LOVE from Cyprus,

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