Liam and Dylan

Liam and Dylan

Liam and Dylan

These two young lads were very good, not only good but highly professional. I regret that I did not spend more time listening to them and even more do I regret that I did not buy one of their CDs.

They played their own music, plus a brilliant rendition of the Bob Dylan classic, Knocking on Heaven’s Door. The only time I have heard a better version, apart from Dylan himself, was a concert in Cyprus several years ago when a Greek and Turkish musician performed together.

It was Car Free Day in Brighton and these lads had marked out their own pitch.

I passed them on my way down to the seafront when they were setting up, then later as I came back up from the seafront. By then quite a crowd had gathered.

The CD cover and disc is well designed. The cover a picture of the pair on the beach in Brighton.

Brighton has a thriving music scene, a testimony to that is Liam and Dylan. It is also shows we do not need crap TV programmes like Pop Idol and X Factor. Talent is out there, you just have to go out and find it.

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