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The Alchemist: three hundred and ten weeks in New York Times best-seller list

July 6, 2014
The Alchemist three hundred and ten weeks New York Times best-seller list

The Alchemist three hundred and ten weeks New York Times best-seller list

Congratulations Paulo Coelho, today The Alchemist three hundred and ten continuous weeks in New York Times best-seller list. And it is at No 4.

Not bad for a book that was first published twenty six years ago.

Nature teaches us more than philosophical books

June 15, 2014
Nature teaches us more than philosophical books

Nature teaches us more than philosophical books

Nature teaches us more than philosophical books. — Paulo Coelho

What I know of the divine sciences and Holy Scripture, I learnt in the woods and fields. I have had no other masters than the beaches and the oaks. — Saint Bernard

Kealan’s cat

April 29, 2014

Kealan Moore ‘s cat trying to find some peace to read. — Paulo Coelho

Kealan told his cat: Paulo Coelho’s books are not for you!” But the cat did not listen to his advice. — Paulo Coelho

Kealan’s cat shows remarkably good taste in reading material.

Three Paulo Coelho books on display in Waterstone’s

April 11, 2014
Waterstone's Guildford Paulo Coelho books

Waterstone’s Guildford Paulo Coelho books

Paulo Coelho quote on display table

Paulo Coelho quote on display table

Wonders will never cease. Three Paulo Coelho books on display in Waterstone’s.

Not only that, the heading on the display table, a quote from Paulo Coelho: It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting ….

The real test will come when Adultery is published in August (currently in Portuguese only, Adultério). Will Waterstone’s have on promnent display? So far something they have failed with his last few publications.

El mundo cambia con tu ejemplo no con tu opinión

March 31, 2014
El Mundo Cambia Con Tu Ejemplo

El Mundo Cambia Con Tu Ejemplo

El mundo cambia con tu ejemplo no con tu opinión. — Paulo Coelho

The world changes with your example not your opinion.

Phrase on a Poetic Action Wall.

You, who they call Lord

March 30, 2014

You, who I can feel deep inside my soul.
You, who has created this world.

When I look into the microcosmos, in the macrocosmos, everywhere I find you.
I sense your greatness.

You, who they call Lord,
who they call Father,
who they call Allah,
who they call Jahwe,
You, who is there.

Who is with us. Who walks with us.
The older I become, the more I can call you friend.
You are the friend of my life, who loves me and who called me to carry your message to the people.
Thank you.

I want to ask for everyone who is here today, to feel some of God’s Greatness and His love, who wants us, who loves us.
Jesus Christ showed us a way which we can walk together.
In spite of everything and everyone, we can find ways together,
seek and find ways which will gift us with a better and more beautiful life.

Paulo has written that he is searching for the sense in his life.
And while searching he went across new paths, wrong tracks and detours, like the all of us.

Let’s keep on looking for you in the humans beings that are present in our path.


– Abbot Burkhard

Abbot Burkhard is Abbott Emeritus at the Benedictine Abbey at Melk.

It is a tradition of Paulo Coelho that he marks St Joseph Day with a party with his friends. Abbot Burkhard is one of his friends. The evening will always have prayers in many languages, many traditions, starting with Portuguese led by Paulo Coelho.

This prayer by Abbot Burkhard, translated from German by Nayla, is from Istanbul.

Synchronicity: The day after Festa de São José I was in Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Assunção talking to the Parish Priest. I mentioned this prayer by Abbot Burkhard. One week and one day later, Paulo Coelho in a tweet, referenced this prayer on his blog.

Rua Latino Coelho

March 23, 2014
Rua Latino Coelho

Rua Latino Coelho

Rua Latino Coelho is a narrow cobbled street in the old part of Cascais.

Residencial Solar Dom Carlos

Residencial Solar Dom Carlos

Half way along Rua Latino Coelho, Residencial Solar Dom Carlos, a 16th century former Royal Household, now a hotel.

Rua Latino Coelho

Rua Latino Coelho

Festa de São José

March 20, 2014
Christina y Paulo

Christina y Paulo

A man without friends, a woman without friends, does not exist. — Paulo Coelho

An annual tradition friends gather together to celebrate St Joseph Day.

What purpose is life without friends?

A St Joseph Day Party, Paulo Coelho and friends at Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho.

Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho is a recently restored 17th century fortress-like complex along the coast from Cascais, which is along the coast from Lisbon.

The Portuguese were adventurers and navigators, what is life without adventure, without taking risks?

The evening started with cocktails, followed by Paulo and Christina welcoming everyone.

Rudolf sent his best wishes, he was sorry he could not be there, but Scorpions were performing in Moscow.

Prayers in many languages, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Urdu, English, starting with Portuguese.

Followed by dinner, many different dishes, far more than anyone could manage to eat. The dishes served were traditional and regional Portuguese dishes.

At dinner everyone was given a present by Paulo, a St Joseph medallion in a black presentation box.

Followed by music and dancing.

Portuguese singer Mariza accompanied by two guitarists, followed by a group, followed by another group.

Music went on to a little after 2am. Those remaining then sat around chatting until some time gone three.

book signing

book signing

Book signing.

The day before, a premier of the film Não Pare Na Pista . I was invited, but did not learn of the invite until the following day.

A special thank you to Paulo and Christina for a wonderful evening, and for yet another introduction to a place worth visiting, this time Cascais.

Synchronicity: Cascais, an actress, a writer, Brazil

March 18, 2014
promenade at Cascais

promenade at Cascais



Walking along the promenade at lunch time today, I got into conversation with a Brazilian actress.

I asked if she lived in Cascais?

No, lived in England, a little town called Haslemere, in Surrey, I would not know it.

Really, I said, I was there Thursday last week.

I asked did she know Godalming (near Haslemere), there was a lovely place to eat called Cafe Mila.

Yes, she said, her friend worked there, in the kitchen.

Really, said I, I was talking to him last Thursday.

I asked her to name a famous Brazilian. She could think of none.

Look, I said, and showed her By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept.

She screamed, Paulo Coelho, he is a friend of my mother!

A friend of mine too, I said.

She was then catching a train to Lisbon.

We walked to the station. She asked would I join her, I said no, but we could meet another day.

The train she caught, was maybe the train I saw yesterday, it had the Scorpions on the side.

Note: The following day, I had By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept signed for Breda by Paulo Coelho.

I write …

February 21, 2014
I write to empty my mind and fill my heart

I write to empty my mind and to fill my heart

I write to empty my mind and to fill my heart. — Paulo Coelho


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